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Breast Clinic One Stop at St Luke's Hospital Bradford

Breast Clinic Every Thursday  from 1pm-5pm.

The One stop service provides fast and accurate assessment and diagnosis of women who have new symptoms in their breasts.

These may include:-

Pain  , Lump or Swelling ,Skin tethering

Nipple retraction/rashes ,Discharge

Skin Redness ,Change in shape

Implant problems

Referral to a Breast Clinic can be done on the NHS via your GP.

Women who attend a “One stop Clinic”  are assessed in three areas :

1. A history (listening to the patients symptoms)  and clinical examination 

2. Imaging with mammograms (if aged 40 years) and/or ultrasound (under 40yrs)  

3. Needle core biopsy (only if a lump is detected by the doctor or on the images)


Additional fees will apply for pathology services if a biopsy is required)

This is known as triple assessment and is the gold standard of care.

When you arrive at the breast clinic is you will be asked by about your current breast problems, and your past medical history.  You will then examine you carefully and respectfully, and then decide if you need a mammogram, ultrasound or both (imaging). 

The radiographer will perform the mammogram and or ultrasound images and these will be immediately read and reported by a Consultant Breast Radiologist. 

At this point most over 90% of patients need no further tests and can be reassured, given an explanation of their symptoms, and any treatment needed if any at all.

A few patients who have a confirmed lump or calcification will need a  biopsy. This is performed in the clinic under local anaesthetic, and removes a small piece of the lump for histological assessment. This is usually painless, once the local anaesthetic has been given.

The Consultant Pathologist looks at the cells making the lump and gives an accurate diagnosis. The pathology result takes 4-7 days to return and you will be given a clinic appointment to follow up the  results where you will again meet the surgeon and breast care nurse.

This completes "Triple assessment of lumps".

See the Information Page to download a leaflet on your breast symptoms or diagnosis.