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Rick Linforth.com

Consultant Breast Surgeon

MD FRCS (Eng),(ED)FRCS(Gen Surg)

Medicolegal reports for the Court

Mr Linforth is an expert in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment with over 12 years Consultant experience.

For the past three years he has been providing medico-legal reports following instruction from the legal profession.

To support this work I have attended the Medico-legal Expert training 2015 in York provided by Jonathan Dingle FRSA and Judith Kelbie LLP.  

I have received instruction from

Bev Brittan LLP , DAC Beechcroft LLP:, Mellor Hargreaves LLP,  TMLEP 50+

These reports include NHSLA short reports  (Fixed fee)

Breach of duty and causation reports (hourly rate £225  Average fees £400-500)

Condition and Prognosis reports    (Clinical examination of client and Prognosis report hourly rate £225) 

Please Note:- I only accept clinical negligence cases in breast disease and Surgery.

I do not accept Personal injury cases.

Please email Mr Linforth directly :