Medicolegal reports for the Court

Mr Linforth is a medical expert in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, writing legal reports for the court.

For the past four years he has been providing medico-legal reports (over 300) following instruction from the legal profession.

To support this work he has attended the Medico-legal Expert training workshop in York provided by Jonathan Dingle FRSA and Judith Kelbie LLP in 2015, followed by the more extensive


Civil law and procedures completed Sep 2018

Expert report writing completed Dec 2018

Court room skills training -Witness familiarisation Dec 2018

Cross Examination Feb 2019

Mr Linforth's certified profile can be found here by clicking on the red logo above.

He has received instruction from

Bevan Brittan LLP , DAC Beechcroft LLP:, Mellor Hargreaves LLP,  TMLEP , Premex and the MDU.

​KSlaw, NHS resolutions and others.

He has acted on behalf of defendants (60%) Claimant (40%) Court attendances 1 Civil, 1 Coroners, 1 Criminal.

These reports include NHSLA short reports  (Fixed fee)

Liability and Causation reports 

Condition and Prognosis reports   

(To facilitate examination Mr Linforth has rooms at:

 St Luke's Hospital, Little Horton Lane, Bradford              and                    10 Harley Street ,London, W1G 9PF.

  BD5 0NA

Please Note:-  He only accepts clinical negligence cases in breast disease and breast surgery.

We do not accept Personal injury cases.

Please email Mr Linforth directly :

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Mr Richard Anthony Linforth


"I am very grateful for your help with this difficult case. The reports that you prepared were of enormous assistance in obtaining this outcome. The methodical and balanced style of your reports will no doubt have given the defence pause for thought.

The Claimant accepted an offer of 1.7 million Euros plus costs".  Instructing Solicitors comments March 2021.

Medical Expert  in Breast Surgery and Oncology, Breast Cancer Treatment.

Medico-legal reports on Breach of Duty, Causation, Condition and Prognosis, Delayed diagnosis, Tumour Doubling Times,

Informed Consent-Montgomery compliance.

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ABS Medicolegal training slides Nov 1st 2023

​Becoming an expert witness

​Causation ABS Nov 2023

​AVMA Leeds 2024 Breast cancer and litigation 




     Medico-legal Expert​​ 

Mr Richard Anthony Linforth

Mr Rick Linforth Medico-legal Expert in Breast Cancer