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Consultant Breast Surgeon

MD FRCS (Eng),(ED)FRCS(Gen Surg)

Medicolegal reports for the Court

Mr Linforth is a medical expert in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, writing legal reports for the court.

For the past three years he has been providing medico-legal reports following instruction from the legal profession.

To support this work he has attended the Medico-legal Expert training workshop 2015 in York provided by Jonathan Dingle FRSA and Judith Kelbie LLP.  

He has received instruction from

Bev Brittan LLP , DAC Beechcroft LLP:, Mellor Hargreaves LLP,  TMLEP 50+, Premex and the MDU.

These reports include NHSLA short reports  (Fixed fee)

Breach of duty and causation reports (hourly rate £165  Average fees £400-500)

Condition and Prognosis reports    (Clinical examination of client and Prognosis report hourly rate £165) Average fee (£450).

Please Note:-  He only accept clinical negligence cases in breast disease and breast surgery.

We do not accept Personal injury cases.

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Medical Expert  in Breast Surgery and Oncology, Breast Cancer Treatment.

Medico-legal reports on Breach of Duty, Causation, Condition and Prognosis, Tumour Doubling Times, Informed Consent