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Mr Linforth has teamed up with everything genetic to offer Breast Cancer gene testing using the Color system. The Test cost £595.

Why get Genetic Testing? 

Personalized screening and prevention 

10-15% of inherited cancers are due to inherited genetic mutations.1-3 Knowing you have a mutation that increases your risk allows you and your healthcare provider to create a personalized plan designed to prevent or detect cancers like breast, ovarian, colorectal, and pancreatic at an earlier or more treatable stage. 

Relatives may benefit too 

Knowing you have a genetic mutation may be important information to share with your relatives. For example, if a man carries a mutation in BRCA1, each of his children has a 50% chance of carrying the same mutation. 

Testing negative for a known family mutation can be valuable 

If a relative carries a genetic mutation and your results indicate that you do not have the same mutation, you can be confident that you did not inherit it.

How the Color test works

Using the tube in your kit, provide a saliva sample. When your sample arrives in the laboratory, Color sequences and analyzes your genes. 

Receive your results from Mr Linforth

On average, results are ready 3-4 weeks after the sample is received by Color.

Create a plan with your healthcare provider

Your results can help you and your provider create a personalised screening and prevention plan.

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